How To Use Lifestraw Filter 2020

The Lifestraw water filter using for personal use while outdoor sports, survival and in any kind of emergencies. The Lifestraw is an award-winning ultralight lifesaver "straw". This Lifestraw having a hollow fiber membrane and the size of the pores of this membrane same as microscopic that can trap all contaminants.
Lifestraw water filter

The Lifestraw water filter using for personal survive and you can call also friendly travel "straw". This filter can remove 99.9% contaminants from water and give you pure clean and safe water. This
Lifestraw filter removes bacteria and heavy metals, dust, rust and all other particles which are dangerous for health.

How To Use Lifestraw Water Filter

By using a Lifestraw water filter you can drink water directly from rivers, seas, lakes and also from puddles. It's very easy to fill up the bottle and put your Lifestraw inside the bottle and enjoy safe clean fresh water. It also allows you to carry some water in the bottle and you can drink water when you will feel thirsty. 

In this picture, you can see and understand what I am trying to say exactly,

lifestraw- water -filter
Lifestraw water filter

Prepared Yourself

If there is any kind of natural disaster happens or any kind of emergency situation created then this life straw will give you satisfaction to drink save water to live because this Lifestraw never expires and the size of this straw very small easily it can fit in your outdoor kit.

lifestraw- water -filter
Lifestraw water filter
As you can see in the pictures very easily you can drink water from any place through this lifesaver "straw".You just need to open the cap of this straw from the end side and dip into water and from the top side, you just start sucking the water within second clean water fill your mouth without any heavy metal and contaminants.

Is Lifestraw Safe To Drink Water?

Yes: Lifestraw is very saved to drink water because in this "straw" using a hollow fiber membrane and the size of the pore of this membrane is o.2 microns. It removes 99.9% bacterias, heavy metals, giardia, cryptosporidium, etc and it's preventing the waterborne diseases.

Directly you can drink water from streams and lakes or if want you can save water into bottles or small container and dip this Lifestraw into the water and start sucking the water then just enjoy fresh, clean pure water for your healthy life without any contaminants.

Life of Lifestraw

This lifesaver straw is a long-lasting straw filter, 4000 litter water it can clean and this is enough for one person just for personal use it will work till 5 years for an individual person. It is very easy to clean and its already tested globally.

Maintainance Of Lifestraw Filter

Whenever you drink the water and when you finish drinking then you have to clear your Lifestraw of excess water. You just need to shacking your straw and removes the water from a straw and recapping the end of a straw.

How It Will Work?

Membrane Of Hollow: In this 'straw' using Hollow Fiber Membrane and it's having microscopic pores which are able to trap all kind of contaminants very easily.

Pore Size Of Membrane: The pore's size of the membrane is 0.2 microns. Virus, bacteria and contaminants size is bigger than membrane pore size that is why no virus and bacteria can poss out through this membrane.

Use Of Chemicals: Some Lifestraw filters consist of Two filtration processes that can remove chlorine and other chemicals which is not necessary for our body.

Specification of  "LifeStraw"

  • The material is BPA free
  • There are no parts of replacement
  • It's a recyclable
  • In different languages user manual will be provided
  • The length of the product is  9'' X 1.20''
  • Weight of the product is 0.10 lbs
  • Filter Life  4000 liters
  • Technology  hollow fiber membrane 0.2 microns
  • Use of  Lifestraw is Personal use
  • Model 2014
  • Part no is LSPHF017

Very Importance Of Clean Water

You know very well in a survival situation it's very difficult to get clean water and you also you know without food we can survive for three weeks but without water just for thee Lifestraw is a very friendly useful filter you carry it with your outdoor kit and will help you save a life while in an emergency.

There are so many filters are available in the market for domestic use also. we listed top-rated and best water filters for serious buyers for home kitchen uses.

Review Of "Lifestraw" For Serious Buyers

This Lifestraw water filter use for personal survival tool for outdoor adventure and its working without battery, very easily you can use just dip into the river, lakes, and start sucking the water, it's very lightweight. Very simple and very low price, It will remove heavy particles like iron particles contamination but it will not remove viruses.

So Lifestraw is a great tool to use for outdoor adventure and it will help out to drink clean safe water in any emergency or disaster situation.this is the best option to keep this in your outdoor kit.

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Lifestraw Water Filter
 Lifestraw Water Filter

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